Terms of Services

Overview   Our terms of service would give all users of our site the conditions by which we operate. Signing up and having an account with us, or using any feature of this website indicates that you have read through all our terms and agreement, you have agreed with them, and are willing to abide by them.    

Privacy Policy   All information by users on our site is only for official purposes. No information given to us through registration, updates or submission of manuscripts is disclosed to anyone outside our organization. The user has provided these information/data and can also delete them personally at any time through features on our website or by contacting us.    

Registration/Information Accuracy   Our users may need to sign up before any of our services are administered to him or her. On registration, all information provided must be accurate, with no falsified information. Subsequent update of user’s information by the user must also be accurate and up to date. Any reflection of falsehood in the user’s details can lead to the closure of the user’s account. We may stop the operation of any account that reflects any fraudulent activity or falsehood at any time we deem fit without notifying the user. No User is expected to have multiple accounts. This applies to individuals, and any other type of organization registered on our website. International Review Online holds the right to discontinue any of such accounts without notice to the users.    

Technical Challenges   In any case, if our site is temporarily unavailable for any reasons, especially for technical purposes. We assume no responsibility for any error, interruption, deletion, delay in operation or transmission, or unauthorized access to, or alteration of the Web Site. We will not pay for any defects or liabilities that may result from such moments. You agree not to sue International Review Online, staff and editorial board members to court for any challenges or as a result of using the features or services available through our website.    

Copyright/Control of Users Intellectual property   The author who submits his intellectual property on our website has the sole right to his property, and determines who else accesses it. International Review Online has no ownership right over the intellectual property of any author submitted. Any document submitted on our website to us to manage on behalf of the author, will be kept within the confines of the user’s need to the best of our ability. There are measures put in place to ensure that our Editors, Proof-readers, translators and Reviewers do not tamper with the ownership rights of the author. They are made to sign the confidentiality form and are also prevented from some vital information of the authors to avoid a breach in our private policy.       

Our Intellectual Property   International Review Online reserves the right to its services and the entire website and does not permit unauthorized use and copy of the content of its website.       

Witholding of Account   International Review Online has the right to close the account of any user whose use of our services and account constitutes any threat to our organization.       

Essay Disclaimer   (1) the services we provide are meant to assist site user by providing a guideline; AND (2) the services provided is intended to be used for research or study purposes.       

Refunds   Refund requests are handled on a case by case basis.