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Receive relevant evaluations for a work

3 simple steps

Submit for Quality

  • Fill a simple form to submit your work for review.
  • You can submit articles, books, videos, audios, images, published or unpublished works.
  • You may submit only the abstract, summary, preface, or preview of your work, and use this platform to direct evaluators to the full work submitted elsewhere for publication.
  • The abstract, preface, or preview of your work will be promoted on this website for discovery by evaluators in the field.

Suggest or select who reviews your work

  • You may provide your own reviewers to be invited.
  • Other registered reviewers in the field of your work will be notified of your submission.
  • You will receive details of other reviewers who will accept to review your work so you can see their profiles and qualifications before permitting them to review your work.

Receive Evaluations

  • Receive evaluations from reviewers within the stipulated periods accepted by them.
  • Rate and recommend the reviewers.
  • Revise your work and then you may submit it for re-evaluation.
  • Receive a certificate and a link to show the rundown of the review process of your work.

Be a Reviewer

3 simple steps

Sign up for free

Use the registration form to sign up as a reviewer. Login and update your profile with more information and download your certificate.

Search & get notification

Easily search for works that fall into your area of expertise, then use the form at comment section to review it.

Send Evaluations

Send in your evaluations in a timely fashion. You will receive an attestation letter for each evaluation you send.

A beautiful profile page for you

Unlock a free profile page by signing up. This profile page allows selected basic information about a user to be viewable by global site visitors. 

Users can unlock even more features for their profile pages and transform it into a mini-website by subscribing to one of our price plans. After subscribing, a user's profile page will receive additional tabs for more personal information such as education history, experience, publications, projects, trainings/conferences attended, awards received, skillls and services, and more. 

Your quality website 

Get a full fledged personal or corporate website that is beautifully designed, and maintained by our team. Unlock this website along with other great features for a discounted cost. We can also manage an existing website. 

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Community, groups & forums

Signing up unlocks not only review related features, but also a rich community of lighted minds, where you can add friends, send messages, create groups, join forums and discussions, share documents, get collaborations, announce events and more.

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